Helena Bordon + Lee Oliveira

Popular Brazilian entrepreneur and fashion blogger, Helena Bordon began her fashion training earlier than most, thanks to her mother, Donata Meirelles, the former international director of the fashion emporium Daslu and the current style director of Vogue Brazil. Co-founder of Brazilian high street fashion chain 284 from 2008-2014 alongside childhood friends,– Bordon spent her formative years learning essential buying tips and engaging closely with fashion teams and retailers. An avid fashion follower, Bordon regularly updates her own website helenabordon.com offering style, travel and beauty tips, amassing a regular following from locals.


Inspired by style seen on the streets of his hometown, Sydney, Australia, Lee Oliveira set out – armed only with a borrowed camera and a smile – to capture the most intriguing looks for his personal blog, leeoliveira.com. His photographs of everyday people are a celebration of individuality, and his growing international audience, a declaration of mutual admiration.


Photographer: Ed Kavishe  www.fashionwirepress.com

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